Welcome to Newcomers ON FIRE!,

We’re all about empowering newcomers to not just survive but thrive in their new country.

This podcast is more than just stories; it’s born from the real-life struggles of our host, Miguel Abascal, who immigrated to Canada with dreams that faced all kinds of challenges. Through five years of under-employment, financial strain, and cultural barriers, Miguel made every mistake imaginable, so you won’t have to.

Having broken through those barriers after years of perseverance, Miguel realized that countless newcomers face unnecessary obstacles simply because no one shares the unspoken rules of success in a new culture.

Newcomers ON FIRE! steps into that gap, shining a light on the path forward.

In our weekly episodes, Miguel and guests who’ve “been there” provide you with inspiration through genuine success stories. You’ll gain tactical tips and empowering mindsets from people just like you who now enjoy fulfilling work, strong professional networks, and living their lives on their terms.

Think of Newcomers ON FIRE! as your lighthouse guiding you through uncharted waters on your journey to belonging in a new homeland.

Remember Success Leaves Clues and our goal is to motivate and support you to build the life you want, wherever you are.

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